I'm a believer that women have compelling stories to tell but don't always have the confidence or community support to share their truest perspectives and personal magic with others. In building community among women through common threads, I strive to elevate these voices through telling audio, written, and visual stories.  Following my passion for building community with women through story-telling has led me to some of the most vibrant skies, twisted trails, deepest belly laughter, and inspiring relationships I could possibly be fortunate to come upon. Every moment I live encourages me to create as a way to provide meaning to others, and every smile, tear, and laugh I encounter along the way validates that community provides the strength, support, and heart needed to bring the best and most emotive stories out into the world.

When I'm not creating, I'm usually doing. You will typically find me outside in running shoes, on a yoga mat, and seeking out the best, lesser-known camp spots in the States. My partner and I have an adventure camper that we built and adore. Currently, we're living in it full-time to explore the outdoors, discover wonderfully weird people, and pet their dogs.