I'm infatuated with the creative brain, passionate people, and nature's finest things (which are typically covered in dirt). The way I live in this love is through words and images. Writing and photography have led me to some of the most vibrant skies, twisted trails, deepest belly laughter, and inspiring relationships I could possibly be fortunate to come upon. Every moment I live encourages me to create as a way to provide meaning to others, and every smile, tear, and laugh I encounter along the way validates that my role as a writer and visual storyteller is truly an amazing one.

When I'm not creating, I'm usually doing. You will find me outside on a bike, in running shoes, on a yoga mat, or in the water most times (and napping in a hammock other times). My partner and I have an adventure camper that we built and adore. Currently, we're living in it and rambling around the US-- exploring the outdoors, discovering wonderfully weird people, and petting their dogs.