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I’m a part-time traveler and full-time creative, seeking inspiration on the road and through the voices of others.
As the host/co-producer of the Women On The Road podcast and outdoor retreat and excursion photographer,
you'd be hard-pressed to find me without either a camera or an audio recorder in hand at any given moment.
When I’m not traveling in my self-converted camper van, you'll find me happy in Moab, Utah.

If you care about astrology, I’m a Taurus.
If you care about neurology, I’m right-brained.
You care about Meyer’s Briggs, I’m an ENFJ. 
And if you care about auras, I was once told mine is red-orange.

What I care about is simple: elevating stories with heart, exploring dusty trails, and enjoying a good cup of tea.
I lead with curiosity. I care about my craft. And I really, really care about the art of listening.
Because everyone just wants to be seen and heard.
So I'm on a quest to see and hear them, and share my findings with the world.

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