Beautiful, Vibrant, and Kind

I grew up thinking the desert held nothing. A dry wasteland. A nothing piece of land. I grew up surrounded by greenery and shoreline, and learned to believe that was what lushness and vibrancy looked like. The only way to be if you want to be considered


Then I drove out to the desert. I expected to find myself a life force among the desolate. Among the void. But every living thing that occupies the space out here showed me just how wrong I was. Because in the desert there is a type of resiliency and generosity you don't find everywhere. Out here, there is truly unexpected beauty.


There are times we make assumptions about what's beautiful-- or vibrant, or kind, or anything-- simply based on what we think beauty and vibrancy and kindness are. But when we come into new situations with an open mind, often we'll be pleasantly surprised.

That goes for our environment.
That goes for our family and friends and neighbors.

And that goes for you, too.

You're beautiful, vibrant, and kind.
Even when you don't feel that way.
Even when others don't see it.

Because nothing is a wasteland. Everything has potential.


Adapted from a micro writing piece posted on Instagram. All words are my own.
Photo by Shane Eubank.