Your voice has the power to inspire and connect.
And your stories are worth telling.

I've been a content creator for nearly 15 years (an audio storyteller for 2 of those), and as I've worked with more and more voices, especially those of womxn, one common thread shows up time and time again in conversation: Is my story worth telling?

And my resounding answer to this question is always YES. Your story is worth telling. The scariest ones to tell. The ones that seem the most routine. All of them.

The power of your voice inspires others, creates genuine connection in a text-driven culture, and helps show others that speaking up is more accesible.  There are no qualifications to meet that make you worthy of sharing the stories within. You are worthy as-is. Full stop.

If I've learned anything from hearing the voices of others, it's that there is always something to learn from listening. And if I've discovered anything in the process of learning to use my own voice, it's that there is always at least one person out there who genuinely needed to hear what you have to say.

I'm taking these learnings and pulling them together into a podcast, featuring womxn who have been inspiring to me and others when it comes to how they use their voices, and asking them to share their thoughts and stories with us: the challenging, the inspiring, the beautiful, and the uncomfortable.

Artwork by  Dani Opal

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