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Episode 1 - What We Wish We Knew Before Hitting The Road

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Before you dive in, I need to level with you: 
Women On The Road has never been my story to solely tell. Far from it.

In fact, if you've found yourself here and don't know our podcast origin story, it's a pretty good one that involves me, a whole three years prior to the launch of this podcast series, sweating it out in my Seattle apartment while my boyfriend was checking out vans at a local dealership. In short-- I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to hack this "life on the road" dreamworld we were crafting more seriously every day. But when I found a written interview series called "Women On The Road" on, I knew I was more like the women behind those stories than the girl sitting on a cheap leather sofa in a 1-bedroom apartment. Those women saved me from talking myself out of the best decision I could have ever made.

Those women saved me from talking myself out of the best decision I could have ever made.

Fast forward to today, and Women On The Road is now coming to life with the voices of female travelers, sharing their real-life experiences on the road-- while I myself move into our self-converted Ford Transit van full-time, leave my job behind, and hit the highway south. 

The moral of this story is that some really incredible things can be born out of uncertainty. Because you get a little desperate, and that keeps your creativity sharp. Because you reach out to a friend or kind stranger for help, and you make connections you would never have before. Because you come out on the other side knowing you could do something you thought just weeks or months or years before you never ever could. But it all starts with that pinch of fear biting at your side as you look out into the foggy distance, questioning any shred of confidence you might have mustered up to help you take those first few steps.

Fortunately, as I did before, I'm leaning on the wisdom of women camper travelers who have come before me to share what they wish they'd known before taking those first few steps. From lifestyle insights to practical van life tips to some thoughts on how "ready" you can ever really be to hit the road, I'm feeling more confident than ever that just going is what matters. As you'll hear in some of my reflections in this first episode (Episode 1 - What We Wish We'd Knew Before Hitting The Road):

I don’t have to be prepared. And while a lot could go wrong, it’s all a part of the adventure. I just need patience, a sense of curiosity, and enough courage to let go of things that don’t serve me. Most importantly, I just have to go.

In listening-- wherever you are in life-- I hope you feel the same way I did when I first came upon the Women On The Road written interviews: validated, encouraged, and like whatever you're after next is possible for you, too.

See you out there,

Van Life Tips from Women On The Road:

  • Roll with things as they come
  • Be patient, especially with your partner and you're learning to share a space

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